An Afternoon Trek to Franklin Falls

One of my friends recently got into hiking and the outdoors, so we decided to plan a short, weekday trek to Franklin Falls after work. It was a rainy day, so we came prepared with raincoats, gaiters, hats and waterproof hiking boots. The drive to the trailhead was easy once we hopped on I-90, and after taking Exit 47 there was almost no traffic at all. We parked in the Denny Creek lot, but soon realized that there was no connecting trail that would allow us to get to Franklin Falls from that trailhead. Luckily, it was a short drive to the correct lot (the Franklin Falls lot is very well painted and is a quick walk to the start of the trail), where we hung our Northwest Forest pass and started trekking. The hike is very easy, coming in at 2 miles round-trip and a total elevation gain of only a few hundred feet. With its well-maintained path and consistent river views, the hike to Franklin Falls would be a great outdoors activity with children, although they may need some assistance navigating the slippery rocks near the end of the trail. Between the  raging waterfall and the waves from the river crashing up against the rocky shore, the view at the end was spectacular. I’m sure this hike would be just as beautiful on a sunny day, but there was something particularly Pacific Northwest about the fog hugging the trees and the looming gray skies. All in all, I would rate this hike a solid 7/10 if you want an easy jaunt to a gorgeous payoff.

Panoramic Views

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