Oyster Dome via Chuckanut Drive

Two hikes in two weekends! The weather was supposed to be cloudy and rainy on Saturday and nice on Sunday, so the plan was to go to Deception Pass Bridge on Saturday before the rain and Oyster Dome on Sunday for the views. I had never been to Deception Pass State Park, and I must say the view from the bridge is phenomenal. The expected rain never showed up, and the overcast skies made for absolutely spectacular green-blue water that pictures just can’t fully capture.


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Poo Poo Point – Chirico Trail

Having had exactly zero free weekends in recent memory to get out on the trails, this past weekend was a welcome chance to get my fix. Although the weather around Seattle has been kind to us during the last few workweeks, Saturday was set to be a rainy day and I wanted to find a hike where a foggy view wouldn’t be a huge letdown. I don’t currently own a Discover or Northwest Forest Pass, so I figured Poo Poo Point would be the best bet (I was also looking for an easy-medium difficulty level, since it’s been so long and I had no idea if my cardio stamina would hold up). One thing I failed to research before going on this hike was whether there would be any water sources along the trail–there aren’t. I’m glad that the hike is relatively short and we brought enough for the two of us.

My father and I arrived at the parking lot a little before 10:00am, and there were still plenty of spaces left at the trailhead. It’s easy to tell where the trail starts from the Continue reading